Quadrille 44-#28: spring (v.)


Drifting mindfully into alpha

Alert to elusive, microscopic spores

Hibernating in mystical, dark spaces

Where only mind can travel


At microsecond interface with taste of nothingness

Fractal garden springs into view

Revealing key to fertilizing inspiration


Pruning branches with penned intention

Smiling, I write




About Olga

I have always had an affinity for artistic endeavors and the beauties of nature. The power of the word combined with photography have become my creative spark.
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14 Responses to Quadrille 44-#28: spring (v.)

  1. Celebrating the changes of the season.

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  2. Denis1950 says:

    A poetic approach to nature Olga

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    • Olga says:

      Nature lends itself easily to metaphors when trying to understanding other aspects of life, especially the creative process. Thanks for the comment, Denis.


  3. frankhubeny says:

    I like this active involvement with intuition where penned intention prunes branches, where one cares for a fractal garden and the mind travels mindfully only where the mind can go. Your poem got me thinking that we are responsible for more than we realize.

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    • Olga says:

      Thank-you for the deep insight you’ve expressed so well, Frank. When I was editing or pruning the branches, I came upon some alpha-stimulating music which set me on the right path, fertilizing my roots.

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  4. Finding inspiration in the fractals make me almost think of starting with chaos and create order from that

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    • Olga says:

      A quote for you, Bjorn. “If you look hard enough, chaos turns into order the way letters turn into word.” Thanks for the comment.


  5. Very much enjoy the idea of a fractal garden. Your quadrille fits today’s prompt for impressionism, too. (at dVerse)

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  6. ZQ says:

    “…Smiling, I write.” As well as you should 🙂

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  7. kim881 says:

    I like the shape and structure of your Quadrille, Olga, which creates a sense of the ‘elusive, microscopic spores’, and the way the first stanza drifts along and then, in the middle of the second stanza, the ‘fractal garden springs into view’. I especially love the final lines:
    ‘Pruning branches with penned intention
    Smiling, I write’

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