Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #70: Destiny & Challenge (Synonyms Only)-Haibun


What does one do when a loved one is hurting? Past stitches, holding in trauma, have opened. What once was, no longer is. A beautiful mind in turmoil. Life goals have disappeared. All is at a standstill. Demons controlling moments. Peace hard to find. Love, patience and gentleness calling. Providence is a heavenly prayer.


Eye of hidden storm

Inner rumblings exploding

Testing fortitude

Arousing uncertainty

Salvation in providence


Colleen’s Challenge



About Olga

I have always had an affinity for artistic endeavors and the beauties of nature. The power of the word combined with photography have become my creative spark.
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8 Responses to Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #70: Destiny & Challenge (Synonyms Only)-Haibun

  1. memadtwo says:

    Patience. That’s a hard one. (K)

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  2. Colleen Chesebro says:

    This is a heartfelt Haibun/Tanka, Olga. Life is rough sometimes. I’m glad to see you putting your feelings into words. That is one way to make your path easier. Hugs and love, my friend. ❤

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  3. This is a skilfully composed poem.
    I’m trying to help someone work through his grief. I strongly believe that the healing process relies largely on allowing the pain in. When it gets acute I curl up with it – almost embrace it. It reminds me that it is only pain after all; it cannot kill me as long as I’m not frightened of it.
    Also – “This, too, shall pass.” Repeating those words reassures me.
    I wish I could get my son to follow my example.

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