Timeless Wonder

Pondering the theme of cliches, I’ll try to wrap my head around the enigma of time.



A mystery

Circular and linear

Intertwined in space/time continuum

Affected by speed and gravity

Always a factor

In one’s life


Personal time is fluid

Time can sing to us

Through meaningful cliches


As time flies

One can lose track of time

While dreaming of a timeless love

It can save one

In the nick of time

If one plays one’s cards right

Or reads between the lines


But it’s always a matter of time

In the quietness before the storm

That can seemingly last forever

Change is inevitable

And the future can come

At the speed of light

And one is pressed with the reality

Where did the time go?

As time runs out


The Enigma of Time
Elliott Jaques

“The enigma of time is the enigma of life: it has plagued poets and
philosophers from the beginnings of civilized thought. For life is lived
in time. Without time there is no life. But each one lives in his own
time. No two men living at the same time live in the same time. Each
one, living at the same moment, has his own personal time perspective, his own living linkage with past and future, the content of which,
and the scale of which, are as different between one person and
another as are their appearance, their fingerprints, their characters,
their desires, their very being.”


V’J.’s theme: Cliche https://onewomansquest.org/2020/03/02/v-j-s-weekly-challenge-86/

About Olga

I have always had an affinity for artistic endeavors and the beauties of nature. The power of the word combined with photography have become my creative spark.
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15 Responses to Timeless Wonder

  1. oneletterup says:

    Very nice! Time is a constant, except when it doesn’t feel as such.

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  2. V.J. Knutson says:

    Bravo! Who knew time acquired so many clichés.

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  3. sgeoil says:

    Well done! You wove the cliches of time together quite nicely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Olga says:

      Thank-you, Heather. 🙂 The tapestry of time can be a challenge to decipher, surrounded by unknowns. It was interesting to research.


  4. Great use of cliches! It all makes so much sense!

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  5. Denis1950 says:

    Time was of no consequence to our ancient ancestors and how wise was that!!!!That image almost looks like a hand across the Moon, hiding ??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Olga says:

      Thank-you for your thoughts, Denis. Yes, time for the ancients was more rooted to seasonal changes in nature and star observation. Didn’t notice that the cloud drifting in front of the moon does seem to look like a hand. Interesting!


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  7. aj vosse says:

    Tic-toc… toc-tic… bong!!

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