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Inspiration in Limbo

Inspiration beyond reach One day drifts into another And then Something stirs inside “The circle opens To let the inside out” Inspiration flitters on the edge of consciousness Waiting to be freed And made visible “Sometimes you find yourself in … Continue reading

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Nervous Energy

Time’s stitchery Unravels Leaving me blind-sided Interfacing between wobbly odds Scrambling to find a new mantra A new way to be To see deeper To breathe between two worlds *Personal Note: Hip replacement surgery scheduled Sept. 8. Scares the hell … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Trees

“There is scientific evidence that trees communicate and are sentient beings. Human beings exchange information mainly through sound and vision. … Well, it has been discovered that plants also communicate with each other, have intelligence, and pass information intergenerationally, just like we humans do.” … Continue reading

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Fantasy Invitation

Come sit with me At the edge of fluid dreams Where worries crumble Drifting somewhere and nowhere * Our senses will be carried away By the cascading tumble Of a pristine waterfall Echoing past the mountains of tomorrows * Let’s … Continue reading

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