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Filling empty spaces With dreams Of new shorelines Of discovery On the edge between Yesterday and tomorrow Where the sun Shines eternally bright Evaporating coming storms *** V.J.’s theme: Sun Patrick’s theme: Shoreline

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One Possible Future

This was yesterday. This is now. This is tomorrow. *** Ann-Christine’s theme: Into the Future

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Angel On My Shoulder

Whisper Across time Sends a message To be mindful Two strikes Next time Could be tragic *** *I was recently distracted when changing lanes while driving. Hard to get grounded with back pain. Blind spot screams. Not paying attention. Close … Continue reading

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Solving the Puzzle

Trajectory adjustment Riding on butterfly effect Missing puzzle piece appears Seed of transformation Invitation rises on horizon

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Colors quickly fading Life turning into black and white Spontaneous responses denied Rules of engagement fall apart Unable to hide in distractions Holding onto rare moments of peace Yearning for the normalcy of habits *** V.J.’s theme: Habits

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Fragility of Aging

Psyche entangled in fragility Ebb and flow of life force distracted Pain an unwelcomed visitor Unraveling quality of daily life Subtraction overwhelms Healing stands elusive Photography sits in the freezer Waiting to unthaw Journey altered *** A visit to my … Continue reading

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Windows with a View

Never hesitate to open new windows in your life. (Mehmet Murat Ildan) Scenic view from Curious Thymes restaurant, Sudbury, Ontario. A foggy, drizzly autumn day a few years ago. Sadly it no longer exists. The view outside a lounge in … Continue reading

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