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Glowing Moment

Dappled light Flecks of gold Glowing through branches Join my walk *~* Frank’ theme: Glow

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Satisfying Play

Sudden appearance Blown in by the wind Excites curiosity Satisfies need to play With eyes of a child ~*~ V.J.’s theme: Satisfying

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Sipping Life

Sipping moderation Taste buds tingle Relishing the journey Aging changes perspective Balance a must Extremes only in youth *~* V. J.’s theme: Moderation

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Waiting can be glorious Pivotal moment When anticipation rises New beginnings await Simplifying life When traveling light Steps overcome Walking into the unknown Towards the light Sky suddenly opens Looking into the eye Of wholeness *~* V.J.’s theme: Wholeness reading

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Depth of a Wish

(Image of sun dogs off my balcony taken recently when the temperatures plummeted. I wished for an interesting, new photo and here it is.) A wish Is a tricky thing A momentary thought A sparkle of possibility Harnessing the luck … Continue reading

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Cracking the Code

The crack is before me Do I step over it And stay in the safe zone Or do I step on it And force destiny’s hand * Do I hold its hand And play the victim Or do I laugh … Continue reading

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Too Early

Final fall colours Meet Halloween snowstorm Long winter ahead

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