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Colors quickly fading Life turning into black and white Spontaneous responses denied Rules of engagement fall apart Unable to hide in distractions Holding onto rare moments of peace Yearning for the normalcy of habits *** V.J.’s theme: Habits

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Tesla- From Candlelight to Wi-Fi

Anomaly extraordinaire From another time Visionary being Futurist Cloud watcher Inspired by a sunset Eidetic memory Highly keen senses Understood music of numbers Listened to colors Felt rhythm of sentient Earth Opened spiritual eye to cosmic intelligence Affinity with vedantic … Continue reading

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Quadrille #33: Sound

  Disturbance   Captured in fabric of time Cosmic string sizzling Galactic crackle ruffling feathers   And here I sit Amongst chirping sounds Pondering magical interludes   While stellar laughter explodes Fireworks shaping galaxies Light years away   Luminosity elusive … Continue reading

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