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Piece of the Puzzle

Fingers discovering keys into another world… Child’s joy in music and developing skill cut short by rapping on knuckles from harsh teacher, demanding perfection. Told mom at nine years old that I didn’t want to go back. Piano gathered dust. … Continue reading

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My Name Is …

V.J. prompt this week is to explore walking in someone else’s skin or to see something from a new perspective.   Let me introduce you to my sister. Some may think we’re twins, but we are very different. She is … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales #130

(Image by Ricardo Viana)   I was aghast with the crime scene! The babysitter told me they were just having some fun with art. I was livid!   Sonya’s Challenge (This prompt brought back memories of horrible babysitters in the … Continue reading

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In the surreal depths of my earthly dreams, I envisioned my ending, but I wanted to see more. I am more than the bones of death’s final blow. I am an ethereal soul with a journey unknown. Always an attachment … Continue reading

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Matrix Unleashed-Three Line Tales: Week 92

Matrix Unleashed Human shadows lost in an iridescent matrix of existence. My eyes were mesmerized by the sight of this parallel reality revealing itself to me. Before I could take another breath, an arm reached out, pulled me in and … Continue reading

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Twittering Tale #54

Kat’s challenge is to write a story with 140 characters or less using the above photo prompt. My first attempt at this challenge.  The image inspired me to make an attempt.   You told me to run for the old cabin. … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales: Week #72

(Photo by Joel Filipe)   I fell into the dark waters…or was I pushed. All I remember is the jelly fish surrounding my body and telling me to go up. I should have listened.   Sonya’s Challenge

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