Organic Magic


Organically present

Treat to the eye

Once a mystery

Shifting awareness

New revelations

Patterns revealed

Imagination wanders

Creating magic



Patrick’s Challenge: Organic

V.J.’s Challenge: Mystery

Frank’s Challenge: Treat

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Calm ocean within

Flowing into consciousness

Entranced with its charm

Enhancing life’s poetry

Blooming into harmony


Colleen’s Challenge: Magic & Green (Synonyms Only)


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Have you ever walked into a bookstore, opened any book to any page, read a few random lines and felt a “wham” moment. I did many years ago.

This is what I read:

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating oneself.”

“You have to look behind the curtain of memory to begin to discover the true fabric of reality.

“We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy.”

It’s as if the book had chosen me. At the time, I was seeking some words of wisdom to light my way.


Chasing a butterfly

Losing my way

                                                        Choices made

Wishes left undone


Story tumbles into darkness

Struggling for a glimpse of light


Words reach out from a book

Holding out pages of insight


Creative spirit flutters

Witnessing soul’s garden


VJ’s Weekly Challenge #5: Books



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Clouds drifting freely

Following magical winds

Unknown destinations calling

Inner child revels in the wonder

Of fleeting





Patrick’s Challenge: Clouds

K’lee and Dale’s Challenge: Free Like A Bird

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Heat Wave

What an unprecedented heat wave here in Northern Ontario.

Our climate has been moderate compared to other parts of the world, but not this summer. Waiting for a bit of a reprieve on Thursday this week.

Below are my offerings to Frank’s theme of “Heat.”

This weather reminds me of the Hawaiian heat wave we experienced last year on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.


The above photos are making me feel hotter, so here’s a cooling effect.



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Seize the Moment


Bestowing  insight

Elasticity of mind

Sees beyond the norm

Catching the flavors of life

Surrendering to changes


Colleen’s Challenge #90: Give & Receive (Synonyms Only)

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Changing Times

Time erodes the peaks of life

No need to climb so high

Low hills satisfy

Surrendering to flat plains

Where heart dances with rippling vistas

Seeking quiet communion



Patrick’s Challenge: Peaks

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