Contact with a Dream

Dreaming for forty winters

Heart keeping wish pocketed

Waiting for contact

Surprising events evolve

Heart warmed by arrival of un-lived wish

Joyous encounter on sands of time


V.J.’s Challenge: Un-lived Lives

Frank’s Challenge: Contact

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Once hand-made from imagination

Novice attempt many moons ago

Learning curve reject

Set aside


Found again

Transformed to basic elements

Possibilities seen

New skills in tow


Ghostly image arises

From skeleton of the past

Creative eye pleased

Digital magic


Patrick’s Challenge: Handmade




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First breath births wonder

Universal vibrations

Symbols of life force

Drifting in moments of time

Signalizing destiny


Colleen’s Challenge: Celebrate & Number (Synonyms Only)


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Memories of a Ukrainian Garlic Festival

The beauty of garlic with floral accents.  This was a new sight for me.  They even had wreaths made out of garlic.


I went to see these beautiful dancers. Here they are posed and waiting for the music to start.


This gentleman in deep in concentration getting focused to accompany the choir behind him. 


These children are getting ready to do their part in the celebration of the Ukrainian culture in Sudbury, Ontario.


This fellow surprised me, popping out of the pavement.


Frank’s Challenge: Memories

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Time to Bend

Detour in life of fluctuating moments

Calling one to bend or stagnate

Divergent thinking flowing

Deviation from the norm

Recreating oneself

Salvaging what is treasured

Walking alone, but never alone

Finding a new way

To be in the world


V.J.’s Challenge: Deviation

Patrick’s Challenge: Bend







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Open door looking into a re-creation of tea rooms of old.


Doorway through a fence, looking out onto a farmland, winter scene.


Back door of a barn open to an empty field.


Lens Artists: Doors and Doorways



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On the Edge

Perusing the view

Lone figure stands mesmerized

In contemplation

Absorbing delightful scene

Mind on edge between two worlds


Colleen’s Challenge: Pleasant & Read (Synonyms Only)



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