Kindling Imagination

Light warps form

Distortions suddenly flare

Shadows slowly flicker

Kindling fires of imagination


Portal arouses awakening

Window creaks open

Shape-shifter enters

Perusing new reality

*Tribute to Halloween when the walls between our world and the spirit world becomes thin.


V. J.`s theme: Kindle

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Autumn Layers

Chasing the light

Delineating shadows and lines

Layers of the fallen

Transformation ending

Landscape becomes moody

Barrenness a promise

The last hang on

Braving the winds of change


Amy`s theme: Layered

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Farewell to Summer Fun

As the days grow colder

Memories grow fonder

Warming the heart

With candid moments

Playful opportunities

Minds exploring

Sensual learning

Sometimes fun turns to too much fun, as the day`s outing comes to an end. There`s a story behind that pouty face.

One is eager to pack up and the other finds it hard to leave the playful possibilities.

In the end, the seagull finds itself alone exploring the beach.


Ann-Christine’s theme: Candid

V.J.’s theme: Play

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Celestial Invitation

Daylight cautiously succumbs

To cyclic vigil

Full moon parades

Its fiery luminosity

Old patterns unravel

Requiring new vision

In wake of dire warnings

A wobble in time’s matrix

Future at risk

Celestial invitation

To heed voices

Calling for change


V.J.’s theme: Sky

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Harvest Time

In Sudbury, weekly farmer’s markets display locally-grown food, wild blueberries, hand-crafted items, homemade baked goods and preserves, and sometimes live music. Always fun to experience the community vibe and take some photographs.

Love the look of wooden, bushel baskets that bring back childhood memories.

These unusual, textured gourds caught my eye.

A bit of a humorous touch with the hat on a pumpkin and the 714 pound, prize pumpkin stealing the show.

Just had to get a macro of this chanterelle mushroom.


Frank’s theme: (Farmer’s Market) Groceries

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Standing alone

Savouring transition

Senses alerted

By fiery dance


V. J.’s theme: Savour

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Worth a Smile

Eyes smiling

With momentary delight

Subject of affection

Falls into sight


Happiness hormones

Lifting the spirits

Mood transformer

Well-being soars


V.J.’s theme: Smile

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