Uncertain Quiet

Looking out

Into the quiet

Uncertainty resides

Present time

Throws a curve

Reinvents new challenges


Is the only way

Looking for an angel

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Five Elements Theory in Chinese Philosophy

Element of Metalmetal sculpture of a loving embrace with nature at Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta.

“The way that light hits objects…is one of the more important things that sculpture and photography share.” (Rashid Johnson)

Element of Fiery Sky meets Water– fiery sunrise, Kauai, Hawaii

Elements of Wood and Fire Meetthe power of fire to consume wood- a local brush fire that was luckily contained quickly.

Element of Water Meets Earththe power of ages of erosion slowly changing the landscape of Hawaii.

“Water is the driver of nature.” (Leonardo da Vinci)


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Sun Glitter

Sun’s hypnotic glance

Masking a spirited dance

Waves sway with the glitter

Senses warming to the tune

Spellbound in delight

Frigid winds surround me

Yet I am undeterred

To watch and wait

Filled with serenity


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Drifting into Blue


With the blues

Timeless moment

Engulfs senses

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Drifting Into Red

Moment fades

Drifting in and out

To find a song

Layering my life

Passioned by reds

Inviting creativity

Patrick’s Challenge: Red https://pixtowords.com/2019/05/12/red-pic-and-a-word-challenge-187/

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“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” (Buddha)

Choices made

Things gone wrong

Guilt outliving the event

Inner voice persecutes

Until an understanding voice

Brings clarity

It was never your fault

You were only reacting

Like a caged bird

Forced to sing

For your life


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Day and night

Beginnings and endings

Twilight illuminates


Tasting possibilities

Dreams roaming free

Energy membrane glows


Thoughts and action

Awareness blooms

Gratefulness flows


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Response to Obscure Sorrows

Klexos : The Art of Dwelling on the Past

“Your life is written in indelible ink. There’s no going back to erase the past, tweak your mistakes, or fill in missed opportunities. When the moment’s over, your fate is sealed. But if you look closer, you notice the ink never really dries on any of our experiences. They can change their meaning the longer you look at them…

Maybe we should think of memory itself as an art form, in which the real work begins as soon as the paint hits the canvas. And remember that a work of art is never finished, only abandoned. ” (John Koenig)

Link to “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”


Delicately balanced

Fleeting moments

Painted with emotions

Waiting to unlock

Key to personal truth

Malleable in time


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Lens Artists-Less is More

Simplicity is nature’s first step, and the last of art.”
( Philip James Bailey)

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
(Albert Einstein)


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In universal flow of time

Victoria Day weekend

Time stood still

Suddenly earthly life ended

For rock of family

Over a decade has passed

Connection remains

Her love of photography

Carries on in me



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Lens Artists: Creative Ones

Aboriginal sculpture in Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa, Canada.

Aboriginal paintings at Science North, Sudbury, Ontario.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Creativity

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New Beginnings

Baby rock pigeon.

Waiting for other one to hatch.

Mama went away for a few minutes and it gave me the chance to take this photo.

Since the egg is an ancient symbol for new life, Happy Easter. 

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Number Vibrations

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla.

 Quest for insight into numeric universe

Manifests entanglement of patterns

Subtle influences string together

Shaping one’s destiny

Coincidence or vibrational alignment

Hinting of hidden forces

Penetrating reality


Ones and threes follow me

Trying to get my attention

Three challenges on my lifepath

Still holding true



V.J.’s Challenge: Numerology


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Floating Gems

When nature awakens

And winter is just a memory

Cloudburst delivers

Floating gems

Raindrops holding form

Transformed by colors

Flowing universe

Catches the eye


V.J.’s Challenge: Rain


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Speckled Joy

Meet Speckle. A female rock pigeon that was scoping my balcony to make a nest.

Here’s her first egg in my flower pot.

Seclusion from the huge ravens looking for a tasty treat.

Then there was two.

The male stands on guard shooing other pigeons away.  They take turns warming the two eggs.  We still have a snow-covered landscape, but new life has started.

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Unexpected darkness descends

Covering personal landscape

Shadowing real time



Whisked into portal of instability

Spinal canals narrowed

Neurological compromise

Pain body electrifies



Day turns into eternal night

Matrix warping senses

Farewell to old ways

Walking brings no pleasure

Only time will tell

What awaits


V. J.’s Challenge: Farewell

Patrick’s Challenge: Night

*My story…recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  I was getting tingling sensations in the lower back and simple bending/lifting would cause a lot of strain and some pain.  A heating pad, some Advil and I was ready to tackle the world, but then things suddenly changed for the worse.

Well, in February, it was the shoveling of wet, heavy snow that did me in.  The pain bubble absorbed my daily activities. I got my MRI results a week later, too late to stop me from doing this strenuous activity, that would severely affect my lower back and quality of life.

I’ve turned to an alternative, herbal solution and it’s slowly starting to take effect.  After weeks of agonizing pain, it brought back hope. The wonders of CBD oil.


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Ancient Deposit

Glacier deposit

Of ancient rocks


By hands of time

Once free rolling

With life’s pressures

Grounded now


Holding story

Of yesteryear


V. J.’s Challenge: Polish

Frank’s Challenge: Rock



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Wonder of Shadows

Yes, it still is winter here.  Spring is taking its good ol’ time. 


“The eye is always caught by the light, but shadows have more to say.”

(Gregory Maguire)


“Like a shadow, I am and I am not.”  (Rumi)

Frank’s Challenge: Wonder

Cee’s Challenge: Shadows

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Survivor of Stalin and Hitler

Unspoken horrors 

Buried behind intense eyes

Lucky to be alive


Ship of freedom

Called his name

Little education

Hard work his destiny


Man of few words

Man who rarely smiled 

Father who carried me through life

Father I barely knew


*(Yes, that’s me with my older brother and mother. There was only one other sibling to come after this photo. Don’t have a clue why everyone is dressed so fancy. )


V. J.’s Challenge: Things My Father Said


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“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”  

(George Carlin)


K’lee’s Challenge: In the Realm of the Otherworldly

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Neverending journey

Pondering unanswerable questions

Stitched in the fabric of time

Yet timeless


Seeking elusive answer

To the mystery of life

Encountering a ‘language

That you don’t hear with your ears’


In the quiet moments

When the senses are stilled

A deeper knowing unfolds

In the ocean within


As long as the sun still rises

The unknowable is the way it must be

‘Not a problem to be solved

But a reality to experience’


*(Thank-you to Frank Herbert’s words for inspiring my poetry.)


Patrick’s Challenge: Sunrise

V. J.’s Challenge: Unanswerable

Frank’s Challenge: Sunrise


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Reflection on Blog Name

V.J. has asked us to reflect on the meaning of our blog name.

“Stuff and what if…” came out of the blue. The word ‘stuff’ applies to all material things in our lives, as well as old thoughts…

“What if…” leads to exploration of curiosity, creativity and imagination that can be a changing force in our lives.

In a dream

Looking downriver

Presented with a choice

Stop to look back


All my stuff appears upriver

Material things left behind

Old memories that hinder

People who scarred happiness


Travelling lighter

Curiosity emboldened

What if’s…

Flow in front of me


Inner child laughs with glee

Dipping toes into the river

No fear

Just curiosity

Patrick’s Challenge: Upriver


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Entangled Story


Malleable memories

Smudged by negative entanglement

Veiled hindrance

Following seasons of aging


Dancing wish-bubbles

Vibrating in a string of hope

 Enlightening unfolding story

Destiny takes a turn


V.J.’s Challenge: Story

Patrick’s Challenge: Entangled


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Isolated Benches

“Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us. We need hours of aimless wandering or spates of time sitting on park benches, observing the mysterious world of ants and the canopy of treetops.”

(Maya Angelou)



“Seated here in contemplations lost, my thoughts discover vaster spaces beyond, supernal silence and unfathomed peace” 

(Giacomo Leopardi)

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Isolated Objects

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Textured Surface

Weathered exterior

Textured life

Rough and wrinkled

Interior unfolding

Unseen transformation

Story always growing



Frank’s Challenge: Surface




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Beauty in the Beast

Winter of constraint

Slowly dissipates

Beast starts to purr

Under sunlit skies

Dancing to a textured tune

Figure appears

Out of the blue

Warming the heart


(This photo threw me for a loop when I saw the shadow-shape of a figure in the snow above the exposed, heart-shaped rocks.)

V.J.’s Challenge: Wild Card (Own choice of word (winter) repeated from prior posts)


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Singing the Blues

Cee’s theme is to share one’s favorite color.

Winter has been nasty this year and I’m singing the blues, but I did enjoy the chance to capture these blues in other years.


Now to share some summer blues and ease my cabin fever. Looking up!


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Winter’s Fury

Landscape transformed

By winter’s fury

Ice storm lays heavy

On human activity

Plans on hold

Time to go within

Balance shifts

To inner life


V.J.’s Challenge: Balance


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“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.”

(John Muir)


“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal and transformation in our lives”



Frank’s Challenge: Growth

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Dissolving old fences 

Icicles of the mind

Reaching for floating dreams

That wander freely

Weaving magical intention

That dares not evaporate


V. J.’s Challenge: Reaching

Patrick’s Challenge: Fences


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Playing with Imperfection

Frank  has posed an interesting idea of looking at a photograph with imperfections and seeing it with a different perspective. 

The above photo was relegated to my mistake file and I dismissed it until now.

A bit of digital play and I have a psychedelic image that is curiously inviting.


Intense, winter cold

Hampering creative journey

Photography on hold

Feeding on old images

Desires turned upside-down

Vision colored by grey skies

Boredom sets in

Awaiting spring


V.J’s Challenge: Upside-Down


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In the Distance

“There is a immeasurable distance between late and too late.” 

(Og Mandino)


Visiting both the above distances came late in life, but I’m happy not too late.  Both happened in my 60’s, one year apart;  the Rockies first and then Hawaii. I hadn’t experienced the Rockies since my late teens and had always dreamed of being in Hawaii one day. 

It’s interesting how, when life slows down with age, surprising things can still happen. 


Cee’s Challenge: In the Distance (B&W)


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Lone Star


Lone star


Eyes of insight

Ether opens veil

Channeling images

Civilization forewarned

Whispers of upheaval written

Crisp clarity of events shifting

Hidden in dark patterns of history


Colleen’s Challenge: Cold & Storm (Synonyms Only)

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Energy of Words

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”  (Buddha)


Unspoken words

Escape mind-space

Color thoughts 

Intertwine with feelings

Attach to moments

Dancing with inner light

Vibrating with energy

Fulfilling dreams

All in the stillness

Of creative thought


V.J.`s Challenge: Stillness

Patrick`s Challenge: Words



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Unusual Perspective


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ” 

(Dr. Wayne Dyer)



“What you see depends not only on what you look AT, but also on where you look FROM.” 

(James Deacon)



“Photography is an art of observation.  It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. “

(Elliott Erwitt)


“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.”  (Ansel Adams) 

I definitely worked on making this final image.  Went out a few days ago in frigid weather and my camera froze on me after I took a photo of this pyramid structure at a local park.

As I was doing some basic editing, some trees and other distracting elements disappeared from the background. I was inspired by a comment my daughter made, “Just try and see if you can do it. ”


Cee’s Challenge: Unusual Perspective



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Interior Reflections



Melting magic

Captive of nature’s chill

Illuminates dark surroundings 

Light flows

Transforming once mundane patterns

Into new perspective

Circling in time



Colleen’s Challenge: Mystery & Attract (Synonyms Only)


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Road to Happiness

Destiny and a thirty-year old wish brought me to this heart-warming scene, accentuated by a snow-covered blanket.  (Athabasca River, Alberta)


Taught in days of innocence

When I dreamed with the clouds

That striving for a specific destination 

Was the recipe for success


Happiness escaped the equation

Life’s multi-textured blanket

Rubbed me the wrong way

More rough spots than comfort


Shining light of future expectations

Drew in looming, dark shadows

And the storms rolled in

Life became a survival game


Moments cried out for heart-felt alternative

Change of direction into the unknown

Yearning to find peace, embracing my birthright

One shining star showed me the way


“Happiness is your birthright. Live it!  (Harbhajan Singh Yogi)


Patrick’s Challenge: Blanket

V.J.’s Challenge: Destination






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It’s that time of year

Cheesecake and a glass of wine

Good cheer with loved one

Milestone harks new beginnings

Creative spark still blooming


Colleen’s Challenge: Begin & Fresh (Synonyms Only)


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Aging Window

Framed facade

Aging exterior

Outer deception

Inner treasure


V.J.’s Challenge: Windows


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Gentle Memories

Dreaming again

Of  gentle breezes

Lacy, soft waves

Lapping curious toes

Cooling hot sands underfoot

Washing away winter worries

Delighting the senses

Moments of yesteryear


Frank’s Challenge: Gentle


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Nature’s Floor

Nature’s floor

Covered with seasonal blanket

Order in disorder

No need to sweep

And keep it tidy

Observe its changes

And ever-changing presence

Winter lays a new blanket

Covering autumn’s splendor

A gift of crystallized gems lay in wait.


Frank’s Challenge: Floor


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Transitioning Into 2019

“Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning.”  (Teresa Tsalaky)

Memories of transitions

Come and go

New year sets the stage

For realignment

Change of perspective

Finding the magic

In possibilities

Passions still alive

As the winds of change

Flux and flow


All these photos were taken in 2019.  The one just above (representing my passion for writing and photography) peaked my curiosity. I was holding a pen and the sunlight white-washed my hand. In post processing, lines appeared like writing paper.  So weird!  So I wrote a few words on it.  The magic of photography!


“A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it.”  (Nikki Giovanni)


V.J.’s Challenge: Transition




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It’s All About Finding The Feathers


Well, I found one!


Cee’s Challenge: It’s All About Nature

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Finding Warmth in The Cold

A few winters ago,  I documented my daughter building a quinzee or snow hut.  The sun took the edge off the chilling temperature and dappled the snow beautifully.


She shoveled a pile of snow and then molded it into this shape.


Then time to dig out the interior so she could fit inside.


I gave her the camera and she took this photo.  A warm, little cave.


Frank’s Challenge: Cold and Warm

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Winter Wilderness

Three faces of the same scene. 



“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn


Lens Artists: Reflections

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Fluid Stillness

Alone and waiting

In the fluid stillness 

Of forever moment

I close my eyes

And still hear

The sun dancing

As waters flow

Into the future


Patrick’s Challenge: Stillness



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Textured Sky

After days of grey

In spirit of change

Textured morning sky

Welcomes sun’s presence

Dissolving cloud cover

Into a recipe

For brighter days


V. J.’s Challenge: Recipe

Patrick’s Challenge: Texture



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Rocks and Boulders That Stand Out

The reeds enhance the look of this boulder sitting on the shoreline of a lake. 


The artistry of nature revealed in ever-changing ripples around these rocks. 


This so reminded me of a turtle on the edge of a beach.  The lake foam really adds interest to this photo. 



Hawaiian family of rocks playing in the waves.  I added selective coloring to the highlights in this b/w image.


Cee’s Challenge: Rocks, Boulders and Stones

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Creative Steps

One challenge to my self-discovery was embarking on a journey of creative intent.  It began with many baby steps and much frustration.  I’m still crossing the bridge to materializing my vision for a photograph, but I’m pursuing the goal with joyous curiosity, learning the fine touches of digital art.  Two years ago, I didn’t even have a clue how to crop an image. The above photo is a combination of using a filter and split tones.


Creative blueprint evolved in youth

Set aside for adult responsibilities

Shift occurs in retirement years

Steps taken to find joy

With deep intent

Creative spark re-emerges

Challenge accepted

Thrill of exploration

Leads to new beginnings


V. J.’s Challenge: Intent

Frank’s Challenge: Challenge

Patrick’s Challenge: Steps



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Tranquility here

Glowing in warming sunlight

Serenity smiles

Fleeting moment out of time

Waiting for next storm to rise


Colleen’s Challenge: Poet’s Choice

Frank’s Challenge: Tranquil



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Touch of Fantasy

K’lee’s theme of  “Unusual Tones or Textures”  brought out my playful side and the love of playing with colors. 


“The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer.” 

(Steven Pinker)



K’Lee and Dale’s Challenge: Unusual Tones or Textures

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Title Poetry

V.J. has asked us  “to select from your own work, enough titles, in the order you created them, to find new meaning.”



V.J.’s Challenge: Titles


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Happiness is…the many faces of water.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”   

(Lao Tzu)


“Sleeping and water are lifesavers – that’s true beauty right there.” 

(Sofia Boutella)



“Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul.” 

(Maximillian Degenerez)

Lens Artists: Happiness is…

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Stretching Imagination

Senses hibernate

In imaginary glow

Waiting for sunlight

Lost in a wintry refuge

Detached from chilling forces


Colleen’s Challenge: Cold & Safe (Synonyms Only)






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Contact with a Dream

Dreaming for forty winters

Heart keeping wish pocketed

Waiting for contact

Surprising events evolve

Heart warmed by arrival of un-lived wish

Joyous encounter on sands of time


V.J.’s Challenge: Un-lived Lives

Frank’s Challenge: Contact

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Once hand-made from imagination

Novice attempt many moons ago

Learning curve reject

Set aside


Found again

Transformed to basic elements

Possibilities seen

New skills in tow


Ghostly image arises

From skeleton of the past

Creative eye pleased

Digital magic


Patrick’s Challenge: Handmade




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First breath births wonder

Universal vibrations

Symbols of life force

Drifting in moments of time

Signalizing destiny


Colleen’s Challenge: Celebrate & Number (Synonyms Only)


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Memories of a Ukrainian Garlic Festival

The beauty of garlic with floral accents.  This was a new sight for me.  They even had wreaths made out of garlic.


I went to see these beautiful dancers. Here they are posed and waiting for the music to start.


This gentleman in deep in concentration getting focused to accompany the choir behind him. 


These children are getting ready to do their part in the celebration of the Ukrainian culture in Sudbury, Ontario.


This fellow surprised me, popping out of the pavement.


Frank’s Challenge: Memories

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Time to Bend

Detour in life of fluctuating moments

Calling one to bend or stagnate

Divergent thinking flowing

Deviation from the norm

Recreating oneself

Salvaging what is treasured

Walking alone, but never alone

Finding a new way

To be in the world


V.J.’s Challenge: Deviation

Patrick’s Challenge: Bend







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Open door looking into a re-creation of tea rooms of old.


Doorway through a fence, looking out onto a farmland, winter scene.


Back door of a barn open to an empty field.


Lens Artists: Doors and Doorways



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On the Edge

Perusing the view

Lone figure stands mesmerized

In contemplation

Absorbing delightful scene

Mind on edge between two worlds


Colleen’s Challenge: Pleasant & Read (Synonyms Only)



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Such a beautiful, husky threesome.  They were at the back of a truck when I took this shot.

Threesome peacefully feeding at a local farm.

One of many three-petaled parts to a plant of unknown name.

*(I treated each monochrome photo with the same “dream smoothing” filter, just for fun.)

Frank’s Challenge: Trio

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Magical Light

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”   

(Aaron Rose)


This monochrome of the first image has a magical light radiating from the cloud. 


“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”           

(Ala Bashir)


Lens Artists: Magical Light

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Lost Innocence

Storm of the past

Still ripples to the shoreline

Echoing memory of a dark story

When a black-hearted antagonist

With a hidden agenda

Usurped child’s right to happiness

Slashing innocence

With no remorse



Adult-child awakens

To haunting memories

Pain-body cries out

Bleeding into present moments

Needing salvation

Praying for healing

Having sacrificed too much

In one lifetime


*(May healing and happiness find you one day, M.)


VJ’s Challenge: Sacrifice


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Touched by Sepia

Very dream-like look to this sepia-toned lake.


Sometimes sepia can be an overwhelming tone, so I like to use it in combination with Black & White whenever it’s fitting.  The mallard duck above is highlighted by the use of sepia selective-coloring.


These pond reflections don’t seem to mind being turned brown.


This tulip still maintains its elegance with an earthy tinge.


Bren’s Challenge: Sepia

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Transition of Perspective

Contemplating grey skies

Dreaming of blue ones

That once carried my dreams

Now the thorns of winter

Take residence in my heart

But I will not be undone

For shimmering warmth

Will surely one day come

For now I will play with reality

And allow my imagination to soar


K’lee and Dale’s Challenge: From Dreams to Reality

Patrick’s Challenge: Contemplation


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Solemn Moment

Alarmed by the scene

Solemn moment unfolding

Consequences feared

Angel of darkness hovers

Fateful meeting of many


Since I was late in posting for Colleen’s challenge and Halloween has ended,  I decided to reflect on a scary event in life when one have no control over the fateful moment. This photo was taken off my balcony a few months ago. Just to let you know that the pedestrian that was hit by a vehicle ended up with minor injuries.


Colleen’s Challenge: Afraid & Grave (Synonyms Only)


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Slippery, Winter Memories

A few years ago, my two daughters and I hit icy road conditions on our day trip from Edmonton to Jasper, Alberta.  It started out as a sunny day, but the weather deteriorated as we headed deeper into the mountains.


This is one of the sites we came to see. The semi-frozen caverns of  Athabasca Falls.


Frank’s Challenge: Slippery


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Dark Intent


Slowly peeling away layers

Of hidden intent

Shadow reveals itself

Veiled behind rugged charm

Destroying innocent dreams 


Until life force sings again

Even in the darkest of days


V.J. has asked us to investigate the “paranormal” in her Halloween theme.  The above photo shows a spooky shadow lurking in the background. Also, a portal of light appeared as I darkened this photo.

‘The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say.’   (Gregory Maguire)


V.J.’s Challenge: Veil

Patrick’s Challenge: Rugged

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Car Show Surprise

A few years ago, I encountered this unusual sight at a Fall fair.


Creepy Halloween driver.


License plate to match.


On a lighter note, when I came upon this one, I almost thought it was real for a second.  🙂


Frank’s Challenge: Surprise

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Two photos of the Vermilion River, Capreol, Ontario.   This was my childhood playground.  Many fond memories.

Standing still

Senses melding with never-ending flow

Conscious thought streams to nowhere

Following river’s current

Flowing to timeless somewhere

River remembers

I was here before




V.J.’s Challenge: River




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Spectral Portal


Watching and waiting

Spectral light reveals doorway

To cursed entities

Telling stories through their eyes

Amulet moans to be found


Colleen’s Challenge: Haunt & Spell (Synonyms Only)



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Halloween Chills


Shadows awaken

Unsuspecting gardener

Still warm in sleep’s arms

Dreams of tools gone run amok

Haunting scream shatters window


K’lee and Dale’s Challenge: Shadows, Shapes & Silhouettes


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Autumn Reflection

Autumn is almost gone

The yellows still hang on

Winter has shown its chilly face

So as long as I feel the sun

My heart will not be undone

By winter’s fury


*This was taken a few weeks ago when the reds were still in bloom.


Frank’s Challenge: Reflection




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‘Tis the Season


Unearthly transformation

Spectral glimpse of primal fears

Dark cavity chills

Childhood nightmares erupting

Into seasonal whimsy


Colleen’s Challenge: Ghost & Hollow (Synonyms Only)

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Erosion of Distance


Pastel patterns of habit

Collide with vivid dream-wishes

Synchronicity awakens

Distance evaporates

Given gift of time


V.J.’s Challenge: Distance

Patrick’s Challenge: Pastel



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Changing Focus

On a recent road trip to capture fall colors,  a plane did a low-fly over the scene.  Almost forgot that we were close to the airport, but I was ready for the unexpected change.


Took a few steps forward and refocused.  Caught the ever-changing beauty of lapping waves.


A closer look at the pebbles with incoming wave lines.  Used ‘dream smoothing’ in Gimp to enhance the image. 


Lens Artists: Changing and/or Changeable

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Love Never Dies


Heart wrapped with memories

Gentle soul departed

White shadow follows

Waiting for day of reunion

Love never dies


Patrick’s Challenge: Love

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Winter’s Coming


Speckles of magic

Leaves flushing with fall’s embrace

Engaging pigments

Dancing towards winter’s chill

Prophetic ending certain


Colleen’s Challenge: Color & Creepy (Synonyms Only)

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Harvesting Gratitude


Gathering of fall’s harvest

Revives scents of yesteryear

Flavors of heritage

Slipping into present moments


Cabbage rolls and perogies

Wafting into memories of mother

A lover of gardens

A gentle soul


A survivor of  war’s evils

Calling Canada home

Still hearing her voice

Thankful for freedom’s blessings


V.J.’s Challenge: Gathering




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Blues & Golds

Nearby lake that I try to visit at least a few times a year.  It never disappoints.(Sudbury, Ontario)


K’lee and Dale’s Challenge: The Blues & the Golds

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Heart of Darkness


Darkness unveiled

Heart seeks revelations

Acceptance is transformation

Shining with healing glow

New beginnings



*This heart-shaped rock was an interesting find a few years ago.

Colleen’s Challenge: Poet’s Choice-Heart & Darkness

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Field of Awareness


Attention flavored with intention

Creative eye enticed

Blade of grass, waving in the wind

Fixing gaze, yet vigilant of surroundings

Selective focal point

Tuning-out distractions

Mindful of moment’s gift


V.J.’s Challenge: Attention



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Beauty of Upside-Down

“Learn to see things backwards, inside out and upside-down.”   

(John Heider)

K’lee and Dale’s Challenge: Upside-Down!

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Go Big!

Frank at ‘Dutch Goes The Photo’ has asked us to Go Big.

All my senses were on fire standing in front of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.


“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”  (Unknown Author)


“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”  (Mother Teresa)


Frank’s Challenge: Go Big


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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Look Up

Architectural curves seen while looking up.  (Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa, Canada.)


Strong, abstract lines on a ceiling, next to a glass wall, in Ottawa.


My favorite look-up trees.


Lens Artists: Look Up



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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles & Curves

Winding road before the descent.


Curve where beach meets water.


Floating circles of lily pads.


Cee’s Challenge: Circles & Curves

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Splash of Autumn




Cascading energy

Spilling over with radiance

Seeking to warm the soul




Colleen’s Challenge: Fall & Try (Synonyms Only)


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My World (City of Lakes)


Sudbury is known as the municipality with most lakes in Canada; home to 330 in the area.  Some of the lakes nearby have a view of Inco’s Superstack, the tallest mining chimney in the Western Hemisphere.


Another view of the big chimney from Lake Ramsey, just outside the core of the city. You can see it standing with its new babies that will replace it eventually, due to new environmental regulations.


Now, this is my type of pristine view.  It’s located just outside of Capreol, a short drive from Sudbury, where I resided for a goodly stretch of my life.


This has been my new home for just over two years. I tried to get a residence right by the water, but no such luck. At least I do have the good fortune of being able to visit the wonders of a lake view anytime.

One lake is five minutes away. I can glimpse a piece of it while I’m sitting on my balcony.

I look at my world and I am pleased!  🙂


Frank’s Challenge: Our World


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Foursome standing united

Glowing strength in the evening sky

Watching distant shores

Limbs of time ever-changing

Cyclical affirmation of life force


Patrick’s Challenge: Limbs


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Character emerges

Through the twists and turns of life

Shining bright


Soul’s gift to self

Baseline of all actions

Strength in doing what’s right

Overpowering shadows of past mistakes

A watchful sentinel

A warrior for all that is good in humanity

Even when storm waves surge


“Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”  (J.C. Watts)


V.J.’s Challenge: Baseline


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Flight Path

There are many paths we take in life, but flying over Kauai, Hawaii last year, impressed my senses beyond belief. The feel of being in a helicopter is like experiencing a slow-motion journey comparable to that of a bird’s flight.

Here’s our ride arriving. Feeling excited and nervous at the same time.

Getting ready for lift-off.  Calming voice of the pilot settles the nerves.

Then, it’s action.  The butterflies slowly calm down and I start to enjoy the feeling of the floating sensation.  Dipping close to the hills mesmerized me.

Following the path of a river through the interior.

Wow!  This photo doesn’t do justice to view of the coastline. I had a fantasy of landing on one of the secluded beaches and having a picnic with a glass of wine.  Would have been wonderful!

Heading back to the airport following the path of the road below. This was the only waterfall image to survive window glare.

Memories of taking the leap and being ready to try something new.


Lens Artists Challenge: Path

Nancy’s Challenge: Ready, set, action!




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Hidden Vibrancy

Passion of life force

Sparks of light illuminate

Blooming arousal

Thoughts collide with memories

Scent of now evaporates


Colleen’s Challenge: Vigor & Energy (Synonyms Only)




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Tree that keeps giving.



Romancing the ocean waves.


Blooming, shade tree.


black and white12

Otherworldly oddity.


Cee’s B&W Challenge: Trees

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Moving Shadows


Dappled landscape

Shimmering shadows

Play of light and dark

Transforming my path


Shaded symphony of colors

Dancing to the cool breeze

Mesmerizing moments

Embracing silent artistry


Frank’s Challenge: Light and Dark

V.J.’s Challenge: Shadows





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The Secret Beauty of Dark Waters

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”  (Rumi)

Abstract, pond reflections shimmering in the late sunlight. Mystery lurks beneath calm waters.


The dancing footsteps of the setting sun on the waters of Moonlight Beach, Sudbury.


Nancy’s Challenge: Water

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The Way



Pointing the way

Sentinel of future

Flirting with possibilities

Shaping daily intent

Longing fulfilled



Colleen’s Challenge: Plan & Finish (Synonyms Only)

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If Only I’d Known…

Choices made without a map

Expectations ingrained of future success and happiness

Blind to destiny’s hand


Antagonist rises

Igniting the embers

Smoke slowly overwhelms


Red flags wave in random moments

Unheeded by innocent eyes

Firestorm builds


Reactive mind shuts down

Enduring the backdraft

Unable to control the surging waves


Until the courage to fight fire with fire emerges

Willing to lose all

To rise from the ashes


Isn’t it ironic! To lose is to win.


V.J. ‘s Challenge: Irony

Patrick’s Challenge: Fire

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Creative Foundation

Personal story

Glue that holds one together

Evolves endlessly

True self searching for meaning

Only found in the moment


Creative spirit

Foundation of all that comes

Witnesses the joy

Soaring one to greater heights

Red tide turns to crystal blue


Colleen’s Challenge: Poet’s Choice of Words-Foundation & Story

V.J.’s Challenge: Foundation

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Backyard Memories

My backyard is a cityscape now, but here are a few photo memories of what use to be. 


A toast to summers gone by  

A light breeze blowing and a glass of wine


This fellow watches me, then scoots away


…and oh how I miss those bleeding hearts


Good-bye to those lazy, summer days

When rainbows shone bright


Frank’s Challenge: Backyard

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