On the Road: Travelling with the Moon


In darkest of nights

There will be signs in the sky

Beacon of hope dims

Blazing companion will cry

History repeats itself


Suzanne’s “On the Road” Prompt

*Sorry to be dark with this tanka, but the world seems to be in a dark place at this time of our history.

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TJ’s Household Haiku: Perfume (Scent)/Lost


Wild strawberry scent

Lingering childhood moment

Lost foreverness


TJ’s Challenge

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Walking Paths & Trails


Two Manitoulin Island walkways.



Two walkways at Lake Ramsey , Sudbury.


Cee’s Challenge

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Fleeting Moment


Reflection unclear

Need to re-evaluate

Fleeting moments pass

Abrupt yield to inner voice

Trepidation disappears


Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge: Fleeting

Suzanne’s On the Road Challenge: Step by Step



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Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44: Hunter & Find


Time of reckoning

Hunter of elusive dreams

Vibrations focused

Escaping zone of limits

Unearthing hidden answers


“Truth waits to be found. It searches for no one.”  (Suzy Kassem)

“Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that continues to give meaning to life.”  (J.D. Stroube)


*( Used unearthing, instead of find.)


Colleen’s Challenge

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Quadrille #37: Fear



Wishing to be twenty

Fearless and gutsy

Money didn’t matter

Living like a madhatter

Art was my feast

To tame the beast

Aging wasn’t a worry

There was no hurry

Then life stepped in

I couldn’t win

Now I sing

Flying with one wing




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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #160: Party & Enjoy

*( Created my own peep hole into the universe.  I think I see a galaxy in there. )

Dancing with a dream

Peep hole in eternity

Relishing the glimpse


*I used ‘dancing‘, instead of  ‘party‘.  Don’t we all dance at a party!

* Also, ‘relishing‘, instead of ‘enjoy‘. Enjoy is too bland of a word.


Ron’s Challenge

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