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Awakening to the Groove of Life

  Twilight Years Grooved by weathering touch of time Circles of growth tell silent story of misty dreams Arms open wide to the internal light Relishing hidden poetry of life   Trusting destiny’s call Unfolding wings of loving grace Quietly … Continue reading

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Quadrille #44: Kick

  Kick me a bucketful of adventures Where I may wander freely Breathing natures wonders Rippling in warming moments   Laughing with the chirping birds Flying a kite high to the clouds Loving life completely   With no regrets No … Continue reading

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Quadrille #43: Creak

Misfortune Manifesting creaks in the mind Following each footstep Catapulting into spiral of fear Barely hanging onto edge of sanity   Shadows warning of hidden dangers Malevolent spirit sneers Holding out gnarled hand   Bitter wind creaking inhospitable songs Happiness … Continue reading

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Quadrille # 42: Hope

  Whispering Prayer   Hope catches in fragile throat Filling vital spaces with evolving light      Thoughts turning away from brooding darkness Surrendering to possibilities of light   Rejoicing in autumn’s electrifying spirit Hoping to spark renewal, beyond mere … Continue reading

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dVerse Poet’s: The answer is 42

Poets have been enticed to write a poem using only questions. Is it real? Do you see the sky burning up in glorious flames or is it just me? I think I heard a whispered answer in the distance between … Continue reading

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Quadrille #38: Dream

  Cast off with fluttering sails Into forever flowing dreams Pink-candy sky opens its arms Welcoming misty-eyed adventurers   Relinquish all expectations Undreaming filters of reality Freedom to hop boundaries Possibilities balloon   Anchor hoisted Butterflies show the way Travelling … Continue reading

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Quadrille #37: Fear

  Laughingly Wishing to be twenty Fearless and gutsy Money didn’t matter Living like a madhatter Art was my feast To tame the beast Aging wasn’t a worry There was no hurry Then life stepped in I couldn’t win Now … Continue reading

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