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Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #39: Mirror & Harbor

  Captivating sight Orchid harbors tear droplets Jewels of sadness Liquid sorrow dissipates Mirroring resilience   Colleen’s Challenge

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Embers of Twilight Memories

  Twilight memories Lying in wait of darkness Glowing embers spark Dancing flames spontaneous Love blooms under bewitched moon   *Posted on two sites: Ronovan Writes Weekly Poetry Challenge #155: Ember & Flame Pic and a Word #93: Twilight

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On the Road Prompts

Prompt: On the road to the Holy Grail.   Historical Quest Vessel of desire Elusive, unending quest Shrouded mystery   “I have always quested and still do for the Holy Grail, but I stopped looking in the earthen caves and … Continue reading

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TJ’s Household Haiku: Perfume & Joy

Perfume sniff jolting Nostrils quaking, heartbreaking Fresh air space brings joy   My daughter (M.) has many severe allergies. Someone with perfume on, just walking by, and her body reacts. We’ve gone to many restaurants and M. always notifies the … Continue reading

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On the Road-Prompt #1 (Tanka)

In response to: On the Road-The Journey Begins Prompt #1- ‘May the road rise up to meet you.’   Winding road of life Uncharted emotions soar Navigation blind Time to follow heart’s desire Blow caution to wayward winds * “Still … Continue reading

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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #154: Darkness & Deep

  Inviting darkness Decadence of chocolate Deep, sinful pleasure   Ronovan’s Challenge (Photo found on Pinterest. Gratefully acknowledge the baker and photographer. I edited it a tiny bit.)

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Pic and a Word Challenge #92: Ghosts

  Ghosts of the past Illuminating the view Beyond a park bench With a bluish gloom     Some start to dance Slowly coming to form In a mesmerizing sight To my delight   Patrick’s Challenge

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