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Quadrille #35: Pepper

  Cherry Delight Pepper my mind With spicy words Splash of piquant Poetic tang   Squirt of lemon Comes out of nowhere Too sour in taste Take a break   Empty spaces collide Peppered with thoughts Creativity strikes   Thinking … Continue reading

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Quadrille #34: Storm

    Erupting Sky   Percolating tension Brazen drift Tumultuous clouds Curling yellow-green warning   Racing looming storm In my modern chariot Point of no return Fear tightens foolish heart   Haven comes in den of hops Searching for some … Continue reading

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Quadrille #33: Sound

  Disturbance   Captured in fabric of time Cosmic string sizzling Galactic crackle ruffling feathers   And here I sit Amongst chirping sounds Pondering magical interludes   While stellar laughter explodes Fireworks shaping galaxies Light years away   Luminosity elusive … Continue reading

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Quadrille #32: Echo

  Ripples in Time   Echoes linger softly In mindful, quiet of the mind Telling of stories, past unfolding  In younger, reckless days   Wiser self acknowledges memories  Redirects to the now Where joy is found anew   Gradually day … Continue reading

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