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Three Line Tales #130

(Image by Ricardo Viana)   I was aghast with the crime scene! The babysitter told me they were just having some fun with art. I was livid!   Sonya’s Challenge (This prompt brought back memories of horrible babysitters in the … Continue reading

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Matrix Unleashed-Three Line Tales: Week 92

Matrix Unleashed Human shadows lost in an iridescent matrix of existence. My eyes were mesmerized by the sight of this parallel reality revealing itself to me. Before I could take another breath, an arm reached out, pulled me in and … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales: Week #72

(Photo by Joel Filipe)   I fell into the dark waters…or was I pushed. All I remember is the jelly fish surrounding my body and telling me to go up. I should have listened.   Sonya’s Challenge

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Three Line Tales, Week #44

  Cookie Trail   With trembling hands, I slowly opened the blood-stained envelope. Inside I found the multi-colored, macaroon photo that I had taken a few weeks ago to celebrate my culinary, baking skills and on the back, Stanley had … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales, Week #29

(photo by Breno Machado) She ran from the most sizzling, electrifying, deepest possible engagement with life. Too many disappointments haunted her soul; a return to those deceiving emotions was unfathomable. Distance and time provided a safe haven. Thanks Sonya.

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Wandering Soul: Three Line Tales-Week 19

  Wandering soul yearns Heart’s final destination Mysteries unveiled Photo by NASA via Sonya

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Three Line Tales: Week 17

Cords intertwining Man’s genius for survival Where have we gone wrong? Thanks to Sonya for bringing me out of my funk. (Photo by Wynand von Poortvliet)

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TLT: Week #11-Prisoner

  Sensation began to infuse her numb body and suddenly Deidra’s eyes popped open in terror. One thought repeated in her confused mind, “Where am I?” As she critically scanned her shadowed surroundings, Deidra eyed the rustic piano and instantly … Continue reading

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Three-Line Tales: Week #9

(Photo by Moritz Schmidt) It was just another week-end evening of relaxation and enjoying a friendly game of Scrabble, but why were Adrian’s hands shaking. As I observed his distraught face with trepidation, a memory appeared, reminding me of his … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales: Week #7

       (Photo by Sonya)   Mesmerized by the oddity of the scene before her, April’s mind tried to unravel its meaning. Her lips moved and she repeated his instructions, “When you see the music, I will be near.” Bursting … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales: Week 3

Sonya provide this photograph for her challenge. The goal is to write a three line story inspired by the image. Here goes!   Eve had no clue how long she’d been running. Lifting a branch that blocked her way, she … Continue reading

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