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Creative Steps

One challenge to my self-discovery was embarking on a journey of creative intent.  It began with many baby steps and much frustration.  I’m still crossing the bridge to materializing my vision for a photograph, but I’m pursuing the goal with joyous … Continue reading

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Title Poetry

V.J. has asked us  “to select from your own work, enough titles, in the order you created them, to find new meaning.”     V.J.’s Challenge: Titles  

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Contact with a Dream

Dreaming for forty winters Heart keeping wish pocketed Waiting for contact Surprising events evolve Heart warmed by arrival of un-lived wish Joyous encounter on sands of time   V.J.’s Challenge: Un-lived Lives Frank’s Challenge: Contact

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Time to Bend

Detour in life of fluctuating moments Calling one to bend or stagnate Divergent thinking flowing Deviation from the norm Recreating oneself Salvaging what is treasured Walking alone, but never alone Finding a new way To be in the world   V.J.’s … Continue reading

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Lost Innocence

Storm of the past Still ripples to the shoreline Echoing memory of a dark story When a black-hearted antagonist With a hidden agenda Usurped child’s right to happiness Slashing innocence With no remorse     Adult-child awakens To haunting memories … Continue reading

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Dark Intent

  Slowly peeling away layers Of hidden intent Shadow reveals itself Veiled behind rugged charm Destroying innocent dreams  Unstoppable Until life force sings again Even in the darkest of days   V.J. has asked us to investigate the “paranormal” in her … Continue reading

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Two photos of the Vermilion River, Capreol, Ontario.   This was my childhood playground.  Many fond memories. Standing still Senses melding with never-ending flow Conscious thought streams to nowhere Following river’s current Flowing to timeless somewhere River remembers I was here … Continue reading

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