C.S. Wilde’s Two Sentence Story Challenge

I thought I knew it all, until she revealed her secret. Suddenly, I felt my world shatter, plunging my soul into a spectral abyss where no love existed, only lies.

(link to C.S. Wilde)

About Olga

I have always had an affinity for artistic endeavors and the beauties of nature. The power of the word combined with photography have become my creative spark.
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20 Responses to C.S. Wilde’s Two Sentence Story Challenge

  1. Very dramatic 2 sentences there. I can only imagine where that one might go.

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  2. J Lapis says:

    Dramatic, I agree–very intriguing, you really have the reader wanting MORE.

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  3. Trisha says:

    I’m left wanting to know more too!

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  4. That’s a big story. You don’t need to go anywhere with it. It’s complete.

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  5. Janice says:

    A suspenseful moment! I couldn’t help but notice that the image you used for the post is the same one that you use in your thumbnail pic–it intruigues me 🙂

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  6. Von Smith says:

    I know this is old, but I had to respond anyway;)

    He tried to read her intentions through their fiercely locked eyes. Her body was coiled for action, waiting for the slightest micro-move to unleash herself on this charismatic man, whose mouth smiled beneath his frozen, cobalt stare.

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