Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #39: Mirror & Harbor


Captivating sight

Orchid harbors tear droplets

Jewels of sadness

Liquid sorrow dissipates

Mirroring resilience


Colleen’s Challenge

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Embers of Twilight Memories


Twilight memories

Lying in wait of darkness

Glowing embers spark

Dancing flames spontaneous

Love blooms under bewitched moon


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Ronovan Writes Weekly Poetry Challenge #155: Ember & Flame

Pic and a Word #93: Twilight

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On the Road Prompts

Prompt: On the road to the Holy Grail.


Historical Quest

Vessel of desire

Elusive, unending quest

Shrouded mystery


“I have always quested and still do for the Holy Grail, but I stopped looking in the earthen caves and in the stars. I started questing through the valleys and mountains of my own soul.”
― David Paul Kirkpatrick


Personal Quest

Inner commitment

Human journey as seekers

Never-ending path

Walking through nature’s glory

Elusive answers whispered



*(Gratefully acknowledge top image of possible Holy Grail from Huffington Post.)

Suzanne’s Prompt

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TJ’s Household Haiku: Perfume & Joy

Perfume sniff jolting

Nostrils quaking, heartbreaking

Fresh air space brings joy


My daughter (M.) has many severe allergies. Someone with perfume on, just walking by, and her body reacts. We’ve gone to many restaurants and M. always notifies the waitress of her seafood allergy. We’ve never had a problem until a few weeks ago.

Well, a lady at a table close to us was saturated with heavy perfume. M.’s throat started tingling. To top it off, the lady’s order came and the fish aroma was overwhelming. Then came the final insult to M.’s sensitive body. Our order arrived, M. tasted her food and started to get bumps on her tongue. Time to leave even though we’d barely touched our food. Called for doggy bags. Heartbreaking that we couldn’t enjoy our evening out.

Within a minute of getting fresh air after we escaped, M. was fine. She always carries Benadryl with her just in case, but didn’t have to use it this time. Her throat didn’t swell up like it has in the past. Lucky her!

M. just found out she’s allergic to avocado, also. The journey continues.


TJ’s Challenge

*(Gratefully acknowledge the unknown photographer of this baby photo. It was edited to  enhance some facial features. )


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On the Road-Prompt #1 (Tanka)

In response to: On the Road-The Journey Begins

Prompt #1- ‘May the road rise up to meet you.’


Winding road of life

Uncharted emotions soar

Navigation blind

Time to follow heart’s desire

Blow caution to wayward winds


“Still round the corner there may wait,

A new road or a secret gate.”

J. R. R. Tolkien


Suzanne’s blog

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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #154: Darkness & Deep


Inviting darkness

Decadence of chocolate

Deep, sinful pleasure


Ronovan’s Challenge

(Photo found on Pinterest. Gratefully acknowledge the baker and photographer. I edited it a tiny bit.)

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Pic and a Word Challenge #92: Ghosts


Ghosts of the past

Illuminating the view

Beyond a park bench

With a bluish gloom



Some start to dance

Slowly coming to form

In a mesmerizing sight

To my delight


Patrick’s Challenge

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