Autumn Reflection

Autumn is almost gone

The yellows still hang on

Winter has shown its chilly face

So as long as I feel the sun

My heart will not be undone

By winter’s fury


*This was taken a few weeks ago when the reds were still in bloom.


Frank’s Challenge: Reflection




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‘Tis the Season


Unearthly transformation

Spectral glimpse of primal fears

Dark cavity chills

Childhood nightmares erupting

Into seasonal whimsy


Colleen’s Challenge: Ghost & Hollow (Synonyms Only)

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Erosion of Distance


Pastel patterns of habit

Collide with vivid dream-wishes

Synchronicity awakens

Colors slowly seep into reality

Intervals of realization

Distance evaporates

Given gift of time


V.J.’s Challenge: Distance

Patrick’s Challenge: Pastel



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Changing Focus

On a recent road trip to capture fall colors,  a plane did a low-fly over the scene.  Almost forgot that we were close to the airport, but I was ready for the unexpected change.


Took a few steps forward and refocused.  Caught the ever-changing beauty of lapping waves.


A closer look at the pebbles with incoming wave lines.  Used ‘dream smoothing’ in Gimp to enhance the image. 


Lens Artists: Changing and/or Changeable

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Love Never Dies


Heart wrapped with memories

Gentle soul departed

White shadow follows

Waiting for day of reunion

Love never dies


Patrick’s Challenge: Love

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Winter’s Coming


Speckles of magic

Leaves flushing with fall’s embrace

Engaging pigments

Dancing towards winter’s chill

Prophetic ending certain


Colleen’s Challenge: Color & Creepy (Synonyms Only)

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Harvesting Gratitude


Gathering of fall’s harvest

Revives scents of yesteryear

Flavors of heritage

Slipping into present moments


Cabbage rolls and perogies

Wafting into memories of mother

A lover of gardens

A gentle soul


A survivor of  war’s evils

Calling Canada home

Still hearing her voice

Thankful for freedom’s blessings


V.J.’s Challenge: Gathering




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