Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Down At Things

My first pair of photos captured ‘shadows while looking down’. These were experiments in shadow-making two years ago. That’s my little witch helper. 


Next, two different angles of Athabasca Falls while ‘looking down into the depths’ of the canyon. 

Bridal Veil Falls and ‘looking down on summer fun’ of tiny swimmers.

‘Looking down on night lights’ reflecting a wet, dreary evening in Niagara Falls.


Cee’s Challenge

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dVerse-Quadrille #26: Ghostly



Trudging towards eve of dusk

Ominous fog drifting into view

Shrouding nature’s signposts

Turning trees into ghostly apparitions


Crisp footsteps accompany haunting howls

Tracking prints of fear

In once brave heart

Calling for home


Unspoken vesper astral floating

Mountains hear plea

Shining salvation’s light



dVerse Poets’ Pub




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Stones of Time


Rounded stones of time

Shaped by heaven’s breath and tears

Speaking silently



“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  (Confucius)


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” (Pericles)


Camera Lucida Photo Challenge #20: Stone



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Ronovan Writes Weekly Poetry Challenge #136: Eye and Fade (Tanka)


Fading time echoes

Voice of contemplating eyes

Reflective moment

Unwinding eternal truths

Stepping stones to the future


Ron’s Challenge


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dVerse Poetics: Muse Mixology

Dee at dVerse Poets’ Pub has asked us to mix a poetry response using ‘bar’ words in an alternate context. Here’s my non-alcoholic offering. By the way, that’s my photograph of a fancy glass of milk in blue.

Soft vespers twist mists of time

Stirred by tears on the rocks

A call for straight up truth

Before the last call of sunset

Insistent elixir of mantras hum

Transforming unquenchable thirst to power

A tonic for drowning one’s sorrows

And turning sour to sweet

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Love and Light Tanka-Beautiful Imperfection Photos

Bespeckled moment

Light reveals imperfections

Worth undiminished

Past stories indent with love

Weathered facade still standing

*A tanka for two challenges:  Camera Lucida Photo Challenge #19: Beautiful Imperfections

Ronovan Writes Weekly Poetry Challenge #135: Love/Light

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dVerse-Quadrille #25: Dawn

(Photographic credits given to Bjorn Rudberg)

Gift of dawning light

Awakens sense of delight


Rhapsodies fleetingly dance

In tune to each glance


Mind invigorates

As if destined by the fates


Time to write a sonnet

While sitting on a comet


Maybe an ode would be better

Writing with a feather


dVerse Poets

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