Journey to Spring


Sun opens window

Ending gray desolation

Swelling into sunflower glow 

Summoning gentle, spring breeze

Caressing the face with hope


Colleen’s Challenge #80: Gather & Soft (Synonyms Only)


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Nature On Hold

Proliferation of branches waiting to grow spring buds.


Tree top-heavy in pine cones.


Bountiful population of ducks enjoying the sunny day and spring melt. This photo was taken in late March this year and then suddenly winter came back.


Daily Post: Prolific



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Seeing Beyond


Vibrations flutter

Malleable occlusion

A temporary roadblock

Seeing beyond obstruction

The moment of light will come


Patrick’s Challenge #135: Occluded

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Looking Back in Time

Time stands still in a curio shop on Manitoulin Island.


Interesting find at a flea market in Sudbury.


Cash register before technology changed everything.  (Anderson Farm, Lively, Ontario)


When I was six years old, I took piano lessons on one of these.  (Northern Ontario Railroad and Heritage Museum)

Old barn on Manitoulin Island. Wind turbine in the background adds a modern touch.


Cee’s Challenge: Older Than Fifty

* Originally I posted these photos just on Cee’s challenge, but they seem to match  K’lee & Dale’s Challenge: Time.

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Wintry Cheer

(This photo was taken on a brilliant, sunny day in March.)


Compelling starburst

Sun’s radiance twinkles charm

Lighting up corners

Of wintry incubation

Swaying thoughts of inner joy


Colleen’s Challenge #79: Dance & Command (Synonyms Only)


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Tired of Winter


This was the scene last week. Another round of snow and so disappointing  because…


…this mallard was tasting spring three weeks before winter gripped our landscape again.

“Colors are the smiles of nature.”  (James H. L. Hunt)


Pine cone found on a winter walk.

“I’m crazy for color. Color embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present. ” (Tracy Reese)


My indoor tulip that had a short life span, but wowed me with the radiating colors.

“Light in Nature creates the movement of colors.” (Robert Delaunay)



“Color is to the eye, what music is to the ear.” (Louis Comfort Tiffany)


K’lee and Dale’s Challenge: Cosmically Created Color

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Thoughts of Spring

Capturing this image put a smile on my face. Beauties of nature always do.   


Fertility blooms

Coloring spaces with spring

Stirring the spirit

Joyful anticipation

Glorifying emergence


Colleen’s Challenge #78: Grow & Honor (Synonyms Only)

Daily Post: Smile

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