Travel Theme: Behind

On the road to Jasper, Alberta. Our first amazing view from behind the trees and hills.

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” Nathaniel Hawthorne


Wow! Just had to stop on the highway to take a photo from behind this railing. 


Edmonton’s must see botanical gardens. Behind this sign, one of four pyramids peaks out. Each pyramid maintains a distinct environment representing different biomes of the world. 


Behind this metal sculpture, some cacti from the arid biome are flourishing.


I took a photo of the glass striations on a building in downtown Edmonton and you can see the scenery behind me being reflected. 


Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge


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On the Road: Chasing Butterflies


Elusive flutter

Dreams hide on butterfly clouds

Watching and waiting

Looking for a sign it’s time

Destiny makes a detour


Suzanne’s Challenge


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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

“If smallness was fortune, then I have come across a treasure, infinitesimal and beyond value.”  (Pat Conroy)  Waterdroplets are so wonderful!

This is my Hawaiian solar light that I totally love. It’s inlaid with mini-mosaic pieces. It’s the size of a cantalope and lights my way on dark evenings. I placed a selective color on one section.

This ant hill looks best in sepia.


 My beautiful Easter lily. I mourn her short life.

Cee’s Challenge

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Quadrille #38: Dream


Cast off with fluttering sails

Into forever flowing dreams

Pink-candy sky opens its arms

Welcoming misty-eyed adventurers


Relinquish all expectations

Undreaming filters of reality

Freedom to hop boundaries

Possibilities balloon


Anchor hoisted

Butterflies show the way

Travelling without agenda

Following the heart


dVerse Poet’s Pub


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Black & White Sunday: Structure


A teepee belonging to the Ojibwa of Wahnapitae First Nations, Ontario, has a conical structure.


This gazebo roof depicts a hexagonal structure.


Garnet crystals and crystalline sphere showing different structural properties.


Paula’s Challenge

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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #162: Hope & Stay (*Linger)


Hope is tangible

Adrift vibrations linger

Manifesting dreams


Ron’s Challenge



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TJ’s Household Haiku: Chaos & Order


Time tells its story

Order in midst of chaos

Life force finds a way


TJ’s Haiku Hub

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