Look Up! WPC: Ascend



Ascending beyond treetops

Clear, blue sky calling


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

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My Christmas Offering

Warming the heartstrings

Yesteryear’s yuletide chimes in

Happiness jingles


Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #62: Bells & Past

*We have been encouraged to use synonyms for the prompt words which I forgot to do last week.

Bells = jingles,  chimes / past = yesteryear

“I love snow; I love building a snowman. The only thing I don’t like is the cold – so if we could have a hot Christmas, that would be amazing.”  (Ella Henderson)  ❤




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Pic and a Word Challenge 117: Infinity


Destiny calls us

Endless possibilities

Infinity flows

Beyond limits of space…time

Creative ripples expand


Patrick’s Challenge

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Cee’s B/W Photo Challenge: Houses


Photographed this one driving along the side of a rural road. Didn’t realize a cat was there until later viewing.


A very pretty house we discovered on Manitoulin Island.



I’ve shown this abandoned house from Killarney before, but I’ve changed it up a bit.


Cee’s Challenge

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Darkness Within


Colors disappear

Trapped in stark reality

What was once is gone

Suddenly caged with dark thoughts

Healing journey a tough climb


Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #61: Trap & Stark

*( Inspired by a loved one’s journey to healing from PTSD. )

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Sky’s The Limit


Boldness of intent

Daring to stray from the norm

Life paints adventures

Opportunity flickers

Lighting the road less traveled


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #178: Bold & Daring

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Textures of Life

Glistening, wet globules of  refractive transparency illuminating life.


Smooth, silken leaves attached to the rough, bumpy arm of its provider.


Fluffy, soft cloud following its feathery friend.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Texture X Three

*( This week’s challenge is to present three different types of texture. I had some fun with editing to create my threesome. )




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