New Beginnings

Baby rock pigeon.

Waiting for other one to hatch.

Mama went away for a few minutes and it gave me the chance to take this photo.

Since the egg is an ancient symbol for new life, Happy Easter. 

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Number Vibrations

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla.

 Quest for insight into numeric universe

Manifests entanglement of patterns

Subtle influences string together

Shaping one’s destiny

Coincidence or vibrational alignment

Hinting of hidden forces

Penetrating reality


Ones and threes follow me

Trying to get my attention

Three challenges on my lifepath

Still holding true



V.J.’s Challenge: Numerology


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Floating Gems

When nature awakens

And winter is just a memory

Cloudburst delivers

Floating gems

Raindrops holding form

Transformed by colors

Flowing universe

Catches the eye


V.J.’s Challenge: Rain


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Speckled Joy

Meet Speckle. A female rock pigeon that was scoping my balcony to make a nest.

Here’s her first egg in my flower pot.

Seclusion from the huge ravens looking for a tasty treat.

Then there was two.

The male stands on guard shooing other pigeons away.  They take turns warming the two eggs.  We still have a snow-covered landscape, but new life has started.

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Unexpected darkness descends

Covering personal landscape

Shadowing real time



Whisked into portal of instability

Spinal canals narrowed

Neurological compromise

Pain body electrifies



Day turns into eternal night

Matrix warping senses

Farewell to old ways

Walking brings no pleasure

Only time will tell

What awaits


V. J.’s Challenge: Farewell

Patrick’s Challenge: Night

*My story…recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  I was getting tingling sensations in the lower back and simple bending/lifting would cause a lot of strain and some pain.  A heating pad, some Advil and I was ready to tackle the world, but then things suddenly changed for the worse.

Well, in February, it was the shoveling of wet, heavy snow that did me in.  The pain bubble absorbed my daily activities. I got my MRI results a week later, too late to stop me from doing this strenuous activity, that would severely affect my lower back and quality of life.

I’ve turned to an alternative, herbal solution and it’s slowly starting to take effect.  After weeks of agonizing pain, it brought back hope. The wonders of CBD oil.


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Ancient Deposit

Glacier deposit

Of ancient rocks


By hands of time

Once free rolling

With life’s pressures

Grounded now


Holding story

Of yesteryear


V. J.’s Challenge: Polish

Frank’s Challenge: Rock



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Wonder of Shadows

Yes, it still is winter here.  Spring is taking its good ol’ time. 


“The eye is always caught by the light, but shadows have more to say.”

(Gregory Maguire)


“Like a shadow, I am and I am not.”  (Rumi)

Frank’s Challenge: Wonder

Cee’s Challenge: Shadows

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