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Instant Summer

Winter and Spring have been holding hands for too long. Frost two weeks ago and now instant summer. Landscape suddenly bursting with green. I took some quick photos at a local lake already being visited by swimmers. Life is good … Continue reading

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Transported into Simplicity

Treasure of simplicity Captivates imagination Transporting senses To yesteryear When freedom of movement Taken for granted *** V.J.’s theme: Transported https://onewomansquest.org/2020/04/06/v-j-s-weekly-challenge-90-transported/ Patti’s theme: Simplicity https://pilotfishblog.com/2020/04/04/lens-artists-photo-challenge-91-simplicity/

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Two Faces of the Same Scene

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” (Loren Eiseley) *** Miriam’s theme: Reflections https://theshowersofblessings.com/2020/03/07/lens-artists-photo-challenge-87-reflections/

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Shadows from the Past

Befriended by Dancing shadows Playing in the sunlight Swaying with breezy abandon My shadow photographing this tree. (Images from archives) *** Bren’s theme: Shadows https://brashley.photography/2020/03/09/photo-for-the-week-59-shadows/

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Timeless Wonder

Pondering the theme of cliches, I’ll try to wrap my head around the enigma of time. * Time A mystery Circular and linear Intertwined in space/time continuum Affected by speed and gravity Always a factor In one’s life ~~~~ Personal … Continue reading

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Unfolding Trust

No matter what one’s mission A clear path can be elusive Frozen in wintry challenge Yet the heart is trusting That it will unfold As it should *** V. J.’s theme: Mission https://onewomansquest.org/2020/02/24/v-j-s-weekly-challenge-85-mission/

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Wintry Illusion

I see my thoughts reflected in the open waters Accepting the illusion of warmth from the cold, setting sun My heart is tranquil in this frigid moment Knowing that transformation is inevitable *** *Happy New Year to all those who … Continue reading

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